BioBalance Kelp Powder
BioBalance Kelp PowderBioBalance Kelp PowderBioBalance Kelp Powder

Kelp Powder

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BioBalance Kelp Powder is sustainably harvested from the pristine waters of New Zealand. Rich in oceanic minerals, especially iodine, kelp supports healthy thyroid function, which in turn regulates metabolism.


Key Benefits

  • Naturally rich in iodine for optimal thyroid function and metabolism
  • Supports bowel health, cleansing and healthy weight management
  • More than 70 naturally occurring vitamins, minerals and trace elements


100g | Dietary Supplement

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BioBalance Kelp Powder is sustainably harvested from the pristine waters of New Zealand. Rich in oceanic minerals, especially iodine, kelp supports healthy thyroid function, which in turn regulates metabolism. Kelp contains alginate, to detoxify and regulate bowel function, and fucoidan to support blood sugar balance. It has more than 70 essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements for all-round well-being.

Use BioBalance Kelp Powder in place of, or mixed with, sea salt as an easy, tasty way to lower sodium and boost your intake of iodine and other vital nutrients.

Always read the label and use as directed.
Supplementary to a balanced diet.

Or as directed by a healthcare professional.
Store below 30°C in a dry place.
Keep out of reach of children.

TAPS Code: PP7074
Pharmacode: 2512343

Harvested in NZ
Gluten Free

Dairy Free

Made in New Zealand

Ingredients Per Serving

100% NZ-grown Kelp
Testing for radioactive contamination shows no presence of iodine-131, caesium-134 or caesium-137


Can be used as a condiment and a salt alternative for people wanting to reduce sodium in their diet. It is very useful in baking to add nutritional value to breads & pastries and can also be used as a supplement in cereals and smoothies.

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Average Quantity Per Serving
Serving Size: 0.5g (approx. 1/8 tsp)Servings Per Container: 200
Fat – Total4mg
Weight0.16 kg

New Zealand soil can be deficient in trace minerals. Does your kelp powder provide some?

It’s true that most NZ soil is deficient in some trace minerals, including selenium. This is due to the volcanic nature of our soils and also our high rainfall which leaches minerals into the waterways and ultimately the oceans. Industrial agricultural practices during our recent history have exacerbated soil mineral imbalances. The good news is our oceans are a rich source of all trace minerals and kelp (and other seaweeds) are naturally abundant in these essential microminerals. Consume a small amount of kelp daily as a dietary supplement to provide those important elements missing from our land-based food crops.

How many mcg or mg of iodine would be per one teaspoon (5grams) of kelp powder?

In one 5gm teaspoon of kelp powder, there is on average 1.8mg iodine. You only need a small quantity (a pinch) of kelp powder per person to provide the minimum amount that is recommended people consume on a daily basis.

What are the main differences with the BioBalance Kelp Powder and dried leaf wakame?

Our Kelp Powder is the species Ecklonia radiata whereas wakame is a different seaweed species called Undaria Pinnatifida that is originally from Asia, not native to New Zealand like the kelp is. What both seaweed sources have in common is they both grow wild in New Zealand’s deep coastal waters. Both kelp and wakame are classed as brown seaweeds and contain good levels of important nutrients such as iodine, fucoidan and fucoxanthin. Kelp and Wakame differ in taste and texture to some degree, being different marine plants. While kelp retains its brown colour when rehydrated, dried wakame leaf’s dark brownish colour changes to a green-brown when rehydrated. Radioactivity analysis on BioBalance Kelp Powder showed no presence of either iodine-131, caesium-134 or caesium-137. Our oceans naturally contain all of the minerals existing in the Earth’s crust, including heavy metals, and in unpolluted areas these are kept at safe levels through natural balancing processes.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Excellent product to use as a salt substitute and as the chefs are saying kelp powder enhances the flavor of food and makes it delicious! I liked the foil packet of 100grams so wondering why you have changed the packaging as it was more convenient, IMHO…

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    I appreciate the product as the flavour is subtle – (I dislike kelp immensely!) I add this to my breakfast fruit and other goodies and it blends beautifully.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    I love this, and it goes into my any savoury cooking for soups, stews, stir fries, I use it to marinade meat and fish in place of salt and chuck a bit into salads too.