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BioBalance Slippery Elm Powder
BioBalance Slippery Elm PowderAsk our BioBalance NaturopathBioBalance Slippery Elm Powder is 100% pure slippery elm that can be mixed with water or juice. Slippery Elm is a herb used traditionally to soothe the digestive tract. Slippery Elm provides mucilage, which is an easily digestible long chain of sugars (polysaccharides) that make a slippery substance when combined with water. May help support healthy digestion, absorb toxins from the bowel, and soothe the digestive tract.

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  1. Simone, Auckland says:

    Hi there, I’ve been suffering from constipation for the last 6 months or so and nothing really seems to be helping long-term. I’ve read the slippery elm can help with this issue. Is this true? Are there any side effects (such as bloating or gas etc) that accompany this product? Many thanks

    • Carolyn Simon says:

      Hi Simone

      It’s really important to deal effectively with constipation, as the toxic load on your body accumulates and can lead to all kinds of related symptoms. Slippery elm powder is famous among herbalists as a detoxifying and bowel cleansing herb. It lubricates, soothes and protects the mucous membrane lining of your digestive tract while promoting normal bowel elimination. BioBalance Slippery Elm powder is 100% pure wild crafted herb from the inner bark of the slippery elm tree. This herb will help ease digestive symptoms such as bloating and gas, which are symptoms related to constipation.

      kind regards

  2. Mariska, Massey,Waitakere says:

    Hi I would like to know if BioBalance slippery elm powder is gluten free? I usually buy from Healthpost, but on their web I could not find anything saying this is gluten free as intend to buy this for my coeliac daughter.
    Do you think it can help healing her villi/intestine? She is already on diet for GF bread/food.
    How to take SE powder if she is also taking vitex,flaxseed oil, multi vit and Ester C? Any interaction? Thanking you and your reply would be much appreciated. Regards,Mariska

    • Carolyn Simon says:

      Hi Mariska

      BioBalance slippery elm powder is indeed gluten free, it is the powdered inner bark of the slippery elm tree (Ulmus rubra a.k.a. Ulmus fulva). The fibrous inner bark of the tree does not contain gluten, and is mucilagenous, providing a soothing effect on mucous membranes. This is why it is widely used in herbal medicine to restore the GI tract to health and aid digestion.

      As I’m sure you’re aware, foods that contain gluten are wheat, barley, rye and any foods processed with these grains. This often includes oats, which are best avoided unless they’re certified gluten free. We don’t identify BioBalance slippery elm powder as being gluten free because it would not ordinarily be expected to contain gluten. The only possibility of any slippery elm product containing gluten would be if it was contaminated during processing by coming into contact with gluten-containing grains. Our supplier maintains a high standard of quality control and we are confident the BioBalance product is safe for anyone with coeliac disease or gluten intolerance.

      I think slippery elm could be a great help in healing your daughter’s damaged villi/intestinal lining. It won’t interfere with any of the other nutrients she is taking, and in fact will probably improve her nutrient absorption in general.

      all the best

      • Mariska says:

        Hi Carolyn, thanks for the above reply. I have got it from Healthpost NZ,I dont know how to make it dilute, I use tap water or hot water, it still doesnt dilute or thicken as usual comments from others, so when we drink it, we feel itchy on our throats. Is it the way it has to be or has to be with boiling water? Should it be taken before,after or with meal? Thanks alot.

        • Carolyn Simon says:

          Hi Mariska

          BioBalance Slippery Elm powder can be mixed in either hot or cold water. It’s important to add the water to the powder, not the powder to the water. If you prefer to drink it cold, it will mix in cold water okay but due to the high mucilage content it doesn’t actually dissolve, so will appear grainy and will settle in the glass if you leave it sitting. For best results I suggest you mix 1-2 teaspoons in a small amount of cold water until you have a smooth paste, then add boiling water while still stirring. On its own, a slippery elm drink is not to everyone’s taste. It can be flavoured with cinnamon, nutmeg or lemon rind and honey to make it a more palatable drink.

          Take it before a meal to help protect and heal the mucous membranes and aid digestion. Slippery elm powder can also be taken with a meal, or mixed with other ingredients to make a nourishing drink.

          I hope this helps you find the best way to take this great digestive tonic.

          warm wishes

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